Eat. Dine. Enjoy. Embellish.

{First, thank-you from my whole heart for all your kind comments about Betsy Grace. I have been overwhelmed with blog comments and fb messages, all showing encouragement, love, and cheers for Betsy.  You have no idea how much it's meant to me. I've treasured and tucked away each kind word in my heart......}

Sweet potato and black bean tacos is one of my top favorite meals. EVER.  You know how people will sometimes ask what you'd eat if it was your last meal?  Well, this would be included in mine.  It's spicy and sweet, filling and healthy (mostly).  It's crunchy and tangy, satisfying, and dripping with sauce.  
One of my favorite parts of the meal is that the sauce tastes different every single time.  Even if you follow the same directions.  I admit-I'm a recipe follower. To a fault sometimes!  I don't have the special, creative gift like my good friend Naomi.  When she cooks and creates in the kitchen it's magic. It's flavors combined you wouldn't have even thought's creativity served on a spoon.  
So yeah........I don't have that.  But with this's my one little side project that I can call my own.. and make creative.  I throw caution to the wind and "experiment" (I'm using that term liberally here!) with it.  I add more tang, or more salt.  This day, I added lots of lime juice.  Makes my mouth pucker and water to think of it.  And my how delicious it was.  Mouth-watering, sauce dripping DELICIOUS.
This meal got me all kinds of excited and inspired so we set a pretty table outside on the back deck and ate in the relaxation that only the outdoors can provide.  Our tastebuds thanked us and our bodies breathed deep.  This dinner was embellished with the beauty of God's earth.

Recipe here!