The scary part is over. What we've really been up to around here.

What does this picture have to do with the "scary" mention in the title above? Well, nothing.  But it says cheerful to me and that's all the reason I need to post it. 

We've been up to a lot around here friends.  Hmm...where to start. Well, Betsy Grace turned six months old last week and although I knew she was little, I didn't know just how little until then. At her check-up we saw she was only 12.2 pounds. The same weight as her 2-month appointment.  This scary news made my heart drop.  We are blessed with the most wonderful doctor and he very calmly gave me an action plan of sorts to try with her, to get her to take formula (she was previously nursing exclusively)

So, fast-forward.  We tried two different bottles, a straw, syringe, and sippy cup and still weren't getting much in her.  She was so fussy (a.k.a. hungry) that Tuesday I took her back in, just to see what else could be wrong.  At that point we were told to try again, but that if she didn't take something within 24 hours she'd need to be admitted to the hospital. Once there they would insert a tube into her nose, to run to her stomach.  The tube would stay there 'till __________. 

I panicked over this. I cried. It broke my heart to think of my girl being so hungry she was fussy (and for how long had she been like this?), and to think of her getting a tube in her nose. :( And then I prayed.

That night Betsy Grace took the same bottle we'd already tried and drank 3 ounces.  My miracle.  I don't know if I caught a breath the whole time she drank.  Watching her tiny little mouth fit around that big bottle and drink 'till she was full was heavenly.  Heavenly.

I quickly wrote a small group of close friends/family that night asking for prayer..and since then our girl has been eating like a champ!  She's doing so well with the bottle and drinking so much. And, her personality is like a different baby. She's MISS Personality all of a sudden. 

I don't know how we managed to let her slip through the cracks for this long.  But praise Jesus He has protected her when our shortcomings have left her tummy hungry. 

I have hesitated to share for selfish reasons....
In mom circles it's "best" to breastfeed, and lose weight. 
Here I am, using formula happily after gaining 8 or 9 pounds myself on purpose the last few months, 
trying to keep up with nursing my gal. 

I just didn't know if I could hear what was supposed to be right,
when weight gain and the cons of formula were so, so low on my priority list. 
Getting my gal fed-that was my only priority. 

So, I've kept this to myself.  But, if you haven't heard from me, or it seems I've ignored your e-mails I haven't! I've just been in Betsy Grace survival mode.  And will continue until I know she's a happy, healthy gal. I can't wait to share pictures of her growth soon! 

I'm thankful for: a God who listens and actively cares, miracles, angels watching over us, Dr. Ball, my momma to encourage me, a small group of friends to cry tears of joy with me and care so, so much about my gal, Brett for being super dad without me even having to ask, 
and mostly that Betsy's tummy is filled up :)


  1. Yay, God! Thanking Him for taking care of you and Betsy Grace...You're such an inspiration to me...:)


  2. Oh friend, I'm sorry for that stress! It IS most heartbreaking when babies are struggling. SO thankful the Lord provided and healed just at the right time!!! And I know 100% from personal experience the guilt and peer pressure of not being able to nurse. But even though "they" say it's the BEST thing, I truly believe that it is NOT the best thing for every baby OR every Mama. We must each consider every single thing and make decisions that are best for our specific situation. For me, neither of my boys were able to drink the milk. And they are fine and healthy and not a problem to this day! I'll be praying for you and lil' miss that she'll regain at warp speed! And YOURE A GREAT MAMA!!! :)

  3. Yay mama! I'm so happy to hear things are getting better. We've had to put Little on a combination of breastmilk and formula too. She just wasn't gaining enough weight either. I'm so thankful that we live in a part of the world where formula is an option to help fill in gaps when needed.

  4. Oh, Sara! My heart goes out to you! This must have been so hard...but I am happy to hear that Betsy is taking the bottle. I'm here for you friend.


  5. This is wonderful news!! I am so happy Betsy Grace is taking her bottle and doing well! Such an answered prayer for you all!

  6. We had the same issues with our boys-especially Wylie! I remember crying as he drank that first bottle down, and was suddenly so full and lopsy. With Miles we just supplemented from the start to avoid stress. So my boys got both and so far have turned out just fine. A mama has to do what a mama has to do. So glad she is eating like a champ!


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