Waiting in the wings: heart thoughts.

Did you know I usually ponder on a more serious post for days before I get the nerve to publish it?  Posting colorful DIY ideas, babies galore, and food comes very easily to me.  I get animated very quickly about those topics.  
Matters of the heart are different though.....I've learned to be guarded when sharing my heart.  I am happy to say that Brett always (without fail) listens to my heart and ideas/dreams.  He is a dream-builder.  He consistently pushes me to keep trying the ideas that fill my mind......but you just don't ever know how others will receive you. (Ok, so on second thought-my twin sis is also my biggest cheerleader, ;) 

but that's why I'm here today.  Do you have big ideas that fill your mind?  A sermon I feel like that's preached a lot in the christian world (and life in general really) is to "Dream Big!" I'm all for it.  Who wants to strive for tiny little things their whole life? We are made for so much more! 
I told a friend recently my idea of dreaming big was to get caught up on the laundry/cleaning all in one week. I was kidding-sort of.  :)

Although I don't believe in spilling everything God pours into your heart/brain/soul (Mary pondered things in her heart, remember) I will say I have lots of ideas that come to mind for my future, repeatedly.  Thoughts to do with kids, crafts and more.  Dreams I would love to see fulfilled.  Magazine articles/ideas I've submitted and been too embarrassed to tell anyone about because (so far) I haven't heard anything back. 

I keep dreaming though.  I know, I know....some of you will think I'm a "bad mom" because I'm spending thinking time on something else besides my girls.  Some will say I'm a "good mom" because I'm doing just that.  Some will say shake their hands and say that's just Sara....Hopelessly optimistic.  

{I want to encourage you today to go ahead and dream big.  I believe that God fills our minds with ideas, bigger than our minds can contain.  I don't understand why I keep having ideas and nothing seems to be fulfilled (not even a tiny bit) yet, but I do understand God loves me.  He makes my heart jump when I see something as silly as the new Iphone commercial, where people are capturing the lovely bits of their days in photos.  He makes me listen a little closer to the wind blowing.  He catches my eye with His colors filling the earth.  He plants ideas of friends gathered around a beautiful table setting, laughing and eating delicious food. He causes me to love on people..whether they love Jesus back or not.  He opens my eyes to the beauty that is in each of us.  The sweet people like Betty, the lady that always helps us at Wal-Mart (and loves seeing me with the girls each week. The feeling is mutual)

When Satan tries to tell me to shut my dreams down..that no one will ever pay my ideas any attention, I'll pray/worship/seek even harder where God is leading me. 
Will you too?


  1. Yes, I am a very big dreamer!! God want us to be happy and have everything that we desire in life...he wants to fulfill our needs...Always! Keep dreaming and believing and thank God daily for making all our dreams a reality! And yes, every time Satan tries to shut my dreams down, I'll pray even harder!

  2. I like this post! Keep dreaming big! God gave you those dreams! He has bigger plans for us-keep listening. They come in His time. :)

  3. Thank-you Julia and Christa, for your wonderful reminder of God's dreams and perfect timing. :)

  4. Amen, sister! Keep dreaming and trusting in God's plans for you (they're BIG). :)

    1. I like the BIG reminder friend. Thank-you :)


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