Some of my favorites: moments, people, and more.

Do you read Mary Janes Farm magazine? 
I love it.  It's a new find for me.  It has such useful articles and is about living the good life. 
The country life, of course.  Also, this is my new favorite outfit. Polka dot jeans and chambray denim shirt. As comfortable as jammies (I promise!) but sure looks a lot cuter. 
One of Anna Ruth's favorite activities is to plaster Betsy Grace and I with stickers.  As of right now, we are both willing participants. (I will always be willing, but poor Betsy Grace doesn't have a choice for now) 
See what I mean? 
Stickers galore! (but isn't she cute?)
Two of my favorites. :) Lillie is Brett's I'm not sure how that would make us related but those details don't really matter. She's my God-given family and for that I am so glad!  Watch out world, because Lillie is a super-talented, smart young lady.  A world-changer.  I'm glad our girls have her around. 

 Since I heard that What Not to Wear is in it's last season I figured I should give up my dreams of ever making on the show and get myself dressed a bit better so as not to look like potential show candidate. :)
So far, I'm doing okay (some days). As I'm typing this? Jeans and country boy John Deere shirt. Seriously.

Isn't she just adorable in all this fluff?
Just a sweet ball of girly fluff :).

{What are your favorites lately? People and more...}


  1. I am really loving the HGTV magazine these days...definitely a new favorite! I am also loving my morning smoothies. And if the weather would ever warm up and clear up, I think I would love wearing my new black summer dress! I am making an effort to dress better these days. I'm dieting...slowly and have lost eight pounds so far. I am definitely feeling better about myself and down a size, too!! I love your cute and fun! Betsy Grace is very adorable in all her fluff!

    1. Julia,
      I'll have to check out HGTV magazine a little more closely. :) I like magazines too much I think! I even have a binder full of tear out pages. What do you put in your smoothies? I love a good smoothie...I admit to being lazy when it comes to making them though.

      Good for you on the weight loss!!! It's hard(er) to make an effort to look cute when another little person (or two!) are filling our days huh :).



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