Made: A wreath and friend

Isn't this wreath adorable? I just love it.  A new friend of mine made it for me!  Such a thoughtful, perfect gift.  She let me in a secret about how she made it is a wire hanger shaped into a circle, with plastic Wal-Mart bags wrapped around it.  No styrofoam wreath form needed!  She also used feed sacks to wrap around the wire form....and cute ribbon/t shirt flowers. I just love it.  You can make one too!  Send me a pic if you do ( I'd love to see! 

I'm so thankful for the kindred spirit friends God has placed in my life.  It hasn't been because I've been sitting inside my house waiting on them to show up at my door step though.  When I first became a stay at home mom I was quite shocked at how utterly lonely it was!  Caring for a baby takes so much time, and the thought of getting out by myself to some of the larger NWA mom groups was so intimidating!  Over time I began to shyly reach out to others and started making friends. 

Now as I look back I realize I have made so many wonderful friends to talk and laugh with. 
And the best part is, I even have a small handful of friends I could call close friends.
The ones that just automatically get me.  Where it seems like I've known them my whole life...conversation flows without awkwardness.  I mean, I recently bonded with a friend over using only two makeup brushes and listening to Avril Lavigne!  :) Because of my determination to be bold, I have the best friends in the world. 

{How can you be brave and make a new friend this week?}


  1. Really cute wreath!! I think you have inspired me to reach out to a really nice mom I met at our weekly mommy and me gymnastics class. I think I may call her for a play date this week!

    1. Glad you like the wreath! :) Maybe you can make one of your own!

      Go for far as reaching out to the nice mom. It couldn't hurt :). Too bad we don't live closer. I just know we'd be friends.

  2. This is so beautiful!!!

    I have felt much the same the last year about friendships, and recently I have been introduced to so many wonderful women that I just feel a great connection with. You are absolutely one of them! Very thankful for your friendship!!

    We might have to try to make this wreath. It's so beautiful!

    1. I am so thankful for our friendship as well Kalyn! You are absolutely one of those close friends I am so happy I know. :)

  3. What a great encouragement to step out and connect with others. I just love it when you meet a friend in a surprising way.


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