An evening garden date.

 My sweet man and I had an impromptu garden date lately...well, sorta. :) 
We go on planned dates once or twice a month.  And as well all know, evenings at home can sometimes just get so..normal. But, with two babies it's so necessary for us to find ways to connect beyond just little girl talk.  One night Brett needed to plant some vegetables in the garden. 
I decided to join him instead of holing up inside.

 Me with my camera, 
he with a shovel. 
We had conversation and silence.....
laughs and dirt tosses at each other.

An extra long hug...and words of appreciation shared for each other. 
We've come out of such a rough season of learning to parent two under two...while still trying to hold onto a shared love.  And folks-we've made it through the foggiest part!  
 I don't believe in just hunkering down during the kid years, and putting romance aside.  I don't believe in saying that it's just "how it is".  I do believe in holding tightly to God first, and then each other.  I believe in praying and believing that the difficult seasons will pass and you'll come out on the other side, your marriage even stronger and fiercer (and more fun!) than it was before. 

I believe in Brett and I..not just as parents together, but as husband and wife.