Porch pretties.

Not porch related, but isn't this bowl pretty?
I am known to look at things I'd like (that are unnecessary) lots of times before buying them. We are on a limited budget so it really makes me think about my purchases.  Nothing wrong with that! We have such rich lives.  Anyway, this bowl was $3.99 at Target and after about the fifth time of looking at it I finally thought I should just buy it to add to my happy kitchen collection. :)

I got home and saw the bowl was named "Naomi", which reminded me of one of my best friends from church.  She is quite happy and colorful herself so now I like the bowl even more. :) 

Here's a look at our porch after it was actually swept up and cleaned one day.  I love spending time on our porches but admit I'm not very disciplined about getting out there and keeping them clean.  I'm trying to do better though, it sure is nice to walk up to a cheery spot and know you'll be met with a happy home inside. 

One day at Lowe's I told Brett I was going to paint our front door and another man overheard me...his advice to Brett was to buy the stuff and let me do it. Haha. :) Maybe when I'm looking for a challenging task (beyond motherhood, being a wife, and hosting the Sunshine by Sara sale) I'll tackle the door. 

I'm thinking it would be lovely in red or yellow.  
What do you think? Have you painted your front door?


  1. Love the bowl...great find! You should totally paint your door yellow! It would be perfect with your house color. We painted our door black a few years ago, but I really wish I would have gone with a bright green! I think a front door painted in a bright, fun color gives a house so much personality!

  2. Oh how fun! You should definitely paint the front door. I've always liked the idea of having red or blue door. So fun!

  3. Thank-you girls for your fun suggestions! (and for the vote of confidence I could actually accomplish something like this) Can you imagine me trying to keep the babies away from a wet paint door? Haha. :)


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