So Anna Ruth.

 Anna Ruth is getting closer and closer to two.  In a bit over a month she'll be a big two-year old!  Sometimes I might miss her being a baby, but then I hear her say "Come over here mama" and holding out her hand for me to hold and I don't miss those days at all. These pictures are SO Anna Ruth. Still sucking her fingers even though I realize she's too old to be doing that (we're working on it!).  Wearing her jewelry so she can look "fancy"....

In the crib in only a diaper and shirt because she was getting up from time-out after kicking me while I tried to change her.  So much "get up and go"...spunk, gumption, etc, etc.  Partly from her age, part from her personality.
 She has quite the crowd in her crib for night-night time and naps.  Friends/bears/animals galore.  I need to record her conversations with them when she wakes up.  It is absolutely precious.  She is currently using Betsy Grace's special quilt her Granna made for me to cover up with sometimes.  That and the pillow are recent new additions. I think she's ready for  a toddler bed....
Busy, busy girl!  Sometimes I hear her in the crib bouncing up and down, or reaching through the slats to get her wagon.  She usually has something in mind she wants to get (off her dresser or with her toys) as soon as she gets up.  No more cuddling! :( THAT makes me miss baby days.  But, Betsy Grace is my cuddler :).  

I love how much spirit and spunk Anna Ruth has...I love her conversations and how smart she is.  
She even drew a circle recently and said "I draw a happy face!" 
I love that she likes to quietly take things in when faced with a crowd.
Our sweet, fierce firstborn. 


  1. I love , love this sweet special baby girl!

  2. She reminds me a lot of my sweet girl... so much spunk!!!

    This has nothing to to with this post, but I just love your hair color and am curious as to what it is. Do you do highlights and lowlights, all over color or is it your natural color? I am headed to the salon on Friday for this first time in about a year. Yay!! I am very excited! I'll probably go with highlights/lowlights, very natural looking is the look I'm going for.

    1. Julia-girls with spunk make the world a fun adventure! And sometimes make for a tired mama, haha :). As for the hair, thank-you for the compliment. I don't color my hair.....I am excited for you to get a trip to the salon! It's always a nice break in my opinion :) Can't wait to see what you get!


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