Vacation: We didn't see THAT coming...

We went on vacation recently. To Chicago. I'd read about it for months and heard rave reviews about the city...and I love a big city (or so I thought).  We had things planned we just knew Anna Ruth would love and off we went. Both girls did great on the plane ride/subway ride there!  We were off to a great start..
I will recap the vacation quickly.....the girls had trouble sleeping (both for naps and at night) so after 24 hours there I tearfully told Brett I just wanted to go home.  And ya'll if this stay at home mama is ready to go home you know it's time!  Nothing was majorally wrong and typing about it, it doesn't sound like that big of a deal.  But little reasons all stacked up so quickly where the trip just wasn't fun...overall. LOTS of little things.  Our car battery even died at the airport parking lot in NWA so we had to get someone to help us start the car! Crazy! We did have a few fun moments though during our time there. Take a peek!

Our one big attraction we made it to was Shedd Aquarium. Betsy Grace made friends with the people behind us at the show...she made friends everywhere actually. She is her mama's daughter ;) 

It was unseasonably cold while we were there....

The city was full of beautiful flowers-everywhere!!! 
Plane ride..

Flower for Mother's Day given to me at the restaurant we ate at. 
I thought it was so kind....and was also surprised at how many people told me "Happy Mother's Day throughout the day...everywhere in the city.  Some told me quietly when I walked by. Others loudly.  So, so sweet. 

Anna Ruth loved the American Girl store.

And the Hershey's store! She got to pick out a treat from this cookie counter. 

I know, I're looking at these pictures thinking it looks like a blast and wondering why in the world we came home so quickly, right? Hard to explain. I just know that in situations where you're working really, really hard to have fun yet no one is for the most part, change the plan!  A vacation isn't supposed to be about stress, upset girls, and tension.  So, as I'm typing this I hear the sound of the lawn mower and Hillsong playing. I see green grass, cows and clouds.  I know the rest of our vacation, Arkansas style, will be fabulous and full of grilled food, boats and fishing, cow checking. etc. 
This is just a reminder to all the readers that our lives get messy sometimes too. Don't be fooled by the colorful, happy pictures and think that we don't deal with real life too. We do. But for today we'll deal with our lovely real life in Arkansas. Gladly! :)

We'll conquer the city another time. :) 
Just you wait.