The wonder of life...

This commercial has made me tear up enough times to stop and think-What in the WORLD is it about this silly phone commercial that gets to me? I think I may have an answer... one of the biggest reasons why I love blogging and cameras and photography is that it concentrates the eyes/mind on the good, the lovely, the thrilling and beautiful. I don't walk around with my camera looking for the worst parts of my days to photograph. My human nature all too easily remembers those things (when did we get trained to remember the frustrating over the fantastic?!) When I have my camera (or new Iphone!) in hand beauty finds me...or I find it. Some days I'm purposely looking for a piece of beauty among the ashes. Other days, it finds me. So, THIS is why I love this commercial. It shows the little pieces of hope, joy, laughter, and wonder that fill our earth. It reminds me of little glimpses of Heaven, God saying "I'm here, and there, and there".....surrounding us in the tiniest, yet hugest ways. I'm not sure the creators of the commercial were trying to say this or not (let's be honest-they probably just want you to buy the phone!). But it represents a larger message to me. That in the middle of____________ (tiredness, frustration, etc,etc) there are rich moments of life we might miss if we're not looking. I encourage you to look up, over, and all around today for the wonder that is life. :)


  1. You wrote this one for me. Thank you. :)

    1. If I wrote this for anyone, I'm so glad it was you friend. Love.


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