Blue skies and Pinterest fails.

 Isn't this gorgeous?  I could look at skies full of clouds like this all day long.  
There's just something so happy to me about puffy clouds and the bluest of skies.  It makes even the most dull day seem rather exciting and light-hearted. 
 These are our brussels sprouts growing in our garden!  Will they turn out??
That is the big question. I sure hope so!! These are some of my top favorite foods.

 Brett built this herb garden for us on the side of our house, using rocks from the land and a relative's place.  I think it's beautiful.

 The lettuce and onions in the garden are doing well also!  Have you had lettuce straight from the garden?  There's no comparison! I said just the other day that if everyone had tasted fresh food from the garden I bet people would eat processed food a lot less....
(well, if they had access to it I bet they would choose the fresh)
And now for the pinterest fail. Haha.  I helped Anna Ruth make bird seed cake things one day...somehow those pictures got deleted (It MUST be a sign that this really was a fail, I never delete pictures before posting them!) Anyway, we put the birdseed stuff in the cookie cutter forms and waited and waited to hang them outside. 

A couple of weeks later (we'd been busy ok? :) ) I go get the birdseed things out to try to hang them on string.  Out of about 10 of them only 1 had the hole intact to hang.
Long story short-we dumped the rest in this container and set outside for the birds anyway.
While trying to hold Betsy and get Anna to hand me the "good" birdseed cake she dropped it (on accident or in orneriness, still not sure) and we ended up with a lovely pan of crumbs for the birds.

"Feed the birds"........from Mary Poppins is coming to mind. 


  1. I could look at bright, blue skies with white, puffy clouds all day long...just gorgeous! I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day Weekend!


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