Oh, Anna...adventures await!

Parenting Anna Ruth is really such an adventure.  Our spunky little first-born is just always up to something......could be ornery, sweet or smart, but is always something. Half the time I feel like a lot of the world misses her personality.  If we're in a crowded, noisy setting you'll see the Anna that likes to take things in.  But at home, or around family out comes her full-blown, Anna Ruth personality.
She is definitely her Daddy's girl and always has been.
On weekends she sticks to him like glue.  I don't mind a bit. :)
 Anna walks around our yard as if she owns the world!  She loves rocks, sticks, grass, and flowers.  
 She's also taken an interest in her big girl room upstairs again.....as you can tell by the mess.  She likes to fill up her Hello Kitty bag with all her jewelry and sling it over her shoulder, saying "Bye!! See ya later!"
 Where's Anna Ruth?
 This tub is in her big girl closet and is full of clothes on loan from her cousin Lainey.  Evidently Anna Ruth thought I moved a little bench into the closet because she climbed right up on top.  The pink boots are another favorite of hers but anytime I actually put them on her she immediately wants them off.

 One day Betsy Grace was asleep so I went downstairs to check on her.  After finding her quiet I decided to take advantage of a few minutes to clean up downstairs.

Guess who decided to "dress" herself upstairs?
 Anna Ruth always prefers to be accessorized. 

I sure do love this sweet little girl.  She is smarter than I ever thought possible at almost two.  She adores books, going places, riding in the truck and checking the cows, ice cream, painting and coloring, sidewalk chalk......mostly all the normal little girl things. :) OH, and Curious George.....he's her favorite.
She sure does add a lot of adventure to our days!