Treat yourself: DIY Cake stand

 One day the girls and I went on an adventure to Rick's Bakery, a local place. I needed to run an errand close to the bakery and thought why not make a fun stop? I wondered how it would go by myself with both girls but with hopes high I told Anna Ruth how I expected her to act.  She held my hand tightly in the bakery and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the delicious treats. 
 We picked an M & M cookie to share on the drive home,
and several treats to have when Brett got home.  Delicious! This was a fun outing for the girls and I....
The cake stand is also a DIY. I have this beautiful plate from my great-grandma, and this candle holder I never used.  I dipped the bottom of the candleholder in paint and let it dry for a day or two. Then I set the beautiful plate on top, making a new cake plate!
I was very pleased with how it turned out.  
Some of you are probably gasping in surprise or displeasure that I dipped a good candle holder in paint so if this doesn't suit you check out a local thrift store for something you feel you can dip more freely. :)