Front Porchin'

 Spring is here and we are front porchin' it a lot! 
Okay, so I made that phrase up...but it seems like a good way to describe all the wonderful play time we get on the porch! Not to be confused with the back deck...that's a different kind of play. The front porch is for cool concrete, the whirring of the fan, waving at the cars driving by, and watching life go by at a slower pace.  
 Look at that chubbiness! I just adore it...
 I think Betsy Grace has a lot of my personality in her.....often I'll notice she's sitting almost perfectly still, happy as can and just taking everything in.  I think she's a bit of a day dreamer like her mama.  
 And then there's Anna Ruth...and she certainly doesn't have time for daydreaming!  There's too much to do and see and climb on in a day for idling around. This girl likes to go, go, go.......all day long. She must have a lot of her Daddy's personality. :)

 Anna Ruth got to wear her first pair of shorts of the season recently......
I told my mom I just couldn't stop staring at her long, pale little legs. So, so cute :) 

 Anna takes her job of drawing with chalk VERY seriously...every color must be used, and every rock/concrete space chalked. 
My sweethearts! 
Oh what joy these two bring to my days......I look forward to getting up with them in the morning,
and sit and reflect on how much I love them at night. 
We look forward to days and days of front porch fun! 


  1. We've been front porchin' too! Looooove summer weather and the ability to be outside all the time!

  2. I am so happy that front porch weather has arrived! Your flowers are so pretty! Love the pink and red together! Anna Ruth sounds so much like my daughter. She likes to constantly go, like her mama!


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