Meet Kitty-Cat, our new cat. (sorta)

Friends-meet our new to us, cat-Kitty Cat.  Yes, Kitty Cat is the cat's name.  At least that's what Anna Ruth likes to call her so seems good enough to me.  Kitty-Cat showed up around the house a while ago which isn't that big of a deal.  We have cats come and go here and there........part of living in the country I suppose.  But for some reason-this cat stayed. She meowed on the back deck all through the night, rubbed on our legs, and nestled her way into Anna Ruth's heart quickly. 

Anna adores Kitty-Cat.  She chases her around the yard, saying "Hi, Hi!"....and when she finally gets to pet her laughs and laughs.  I'm talking the biggest, most joyous belly laugh.  What joy Kitty-Cat has brought to our family. Although I do sorta feel like we're harboring an illegal cat, we love our Kitty-Cat!

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