Let's Eat.

Food. One of my top favorite topics. I sure appreciate a good meal, and conversation about the meal almost as much as the food itself! With warmer weather that means smoothies.  I was so proud to whip this up one afternoon, using ingredients like bananas, plain greek yogurt, almond milk, and cocoa powder (oh, and peanut butter too!).  I poured Anna a cup and even gave her a special striped straw.  She wouldn't go near it!  Wouldn't even touch the cup, silly girl...so I drank every last bit myself.  
Delicious :)
We like to have salad for dinner when it's warm out too. I like to challenge myself to see how much variety I can fit in one salad.  From looking at the color in this photo, I'd say I do pretty good most days.  
Back to the smoothie-doesn't this look like it's begging to be drank through a delightful straw?
Attempt at being "cool mom"-failed. 

It's a known fact around here that I'm not any good at making pizza. Don't get me wrong-I love pizza. I just can't make it right.  Yet, the forever optimist that I am, I always decide to keep trying.  So this was another attempt at homemade pizza. It was quite good, but still needed a bit more of something. Just not sure what. 
Any tips?
These little beauties were a surprise! I'd never had a turnip and decided to go for it. They were lovely!
I blogged about them over at Thrice the Spice, so watch for the recipe there. It's a food blog my sisters and I write. You can find it here: http://thricethespice.blogspot.com

What have you been up to in the kitchen?  I hope you've been having as much fun with your food as I have!
 A happy, colorful mess in the kitchen one night....
 One of my favorite things to cook are burritos-we like to use seasoned chicken, avocado, onion, cheese, 1 container greek yogurt mixed with 1 tsp. taco seasoning...etc, etc.etc.
I'm not very creative in the kitchen, I admit.  But-I'm trying.  One night I made mango pico de galla for dinner, along with our burritos. The next day I put it on top of brown rice, with black beans, cheese, and green salsa. SO delicious!

{Are you creative in the kitchen naturally? Any tips to learn how to be?}


  1. I mix a little bit of garlic powder and pinch of salt along with a shake or two of Italian seasoning in the dry dough mix for added flavor. I think it makes it more authentic. Your food looks yummy I think!!

    1. Thanks for the advice Sydnee! This is a great idea, I'll have to give it a try.


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