Rosy Retreat: Farm Brunch

I hosted a spring brunch at the farm recently....
I had such fun planning each and every detail of the food table, which was set up under our back deck arbor (with string lights).  The dining table was set up in our back yard....

Take a look around, won't ya?

Despite the fact that it rained right after the "rosy retreat" started, 
I was delighted with how everything turned out. 
The decor looked just as it did in my mind's eye,
and the friends that piled around my dining room table inside the house have no comparison.
We ate delicious food, and talked a lot. About food and babies.....and photos...and food again. Always back to food. I can't wait to plan another one! 

There is just something magical about the combination of food and friends.


  1. I love it all!!!! It looks like it was a lot of fun...beautiful!

  2. Thank-you, thank-you! :) It was fun to plan and enjoy!

  3. You are awesome!! This looks amazing! I know your friends must love it when you entertain!
    Amy @


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