October Baby

Have you seen this movie? 
I added it to the "Instant Queue" on Netflix and turned it on last weekend, after the girls had gone to bed.  I watched part of it by myself, but then Brett came in to join me for the rest. 

This is a must watch. It takes a lot for a movie to catch my attention, and this one certainly did.  The story is about a girl who was supposed to be aborted, but the procedure went "wrong" and she was born anyway.  It is a powerful story of healing through hurt, forgiveness, and the heart of mama's and dada's....and love, true sweet love.
If you decide to watch, make sure to watch the ENTIRE thing, including the credits at the end.  There's an additional interview at the end of the movie you won't want to miss. 

This movie made my mama heart ache for babies, just needing someone to want them.