Cuteness all around.

 Guess who we finally got to meet?! 
My new niece, Kierstin!  She is gorgeous.  It's nice having another little girl around.  Not that we're running short on them around our house. ;) 
 Anna Ruth continues to adore books. And her Dada, or "Daa-ee" as she sometimes says.
Up until this week she has always called me "Daa-ee" as well.  Until one glorious day this week I heard her calling my name-saying mama, mama, over and over.  She did it again 3 or 4 times throughout the day.  Oh friends, it was the best thing. I even teared up the first time!  Anna Ruth is SUCH a talker around us and people she's super comfortable with.  So I knew the language thing wasn't an issue.  I guess she was just waiting for the right time to call me mama. 
I'm so glad she did. 

"Oh nothin'-just hanging around being one of the cutest babies EVER." 
(Betsy Grace is getting her practice in with sitting up!)
 And this is how my lap often looks.  
Where's Anna?
 Oh, there's our serious girl.  
She quickly goes from serious to just a matter of seconds.  
One of Anna Ruth's favorite snacks are raisins.  She also likes grapefruit (even the really sour ones!), raw veggies, hummus, bread, waffles, cheerios, eggs in all forms, cheese, olives (green and kalamata), beans, chicken.......and LOVES french fries.  I'm thankful she's such a great eater! 


  1. I just love hearing about the cuteness, love, smiles, and moments of growth in your happy home!

  2. This post is precious!! My older one decided to start calling me mama this week too! It feels so amazing to hear it :)


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