little moments lately.

 Just a few little moments captured here and there,
like this super neat world map floor puzzle I thrifted for $.95! 
I worked it and Anna Ruth hardly paid any attention to it. She was sick for several days straight so I think I'll pull it out another time when she's feeling like herself.  I had fun working it at least! 

 We had a Target giftcard for Betsy Grace we hadn't used yet so I got her this super neat ball.  She has slept on her tummy since Day 2 or 3 (whenever we got to bring her home, a no-no I know), but doesn't like playing on her tummy usually.  The neat ball and her sweet sister's attention seemed to help this day. :)  Our pretty, so different girls.  We just love them...
Betsy Grace has bubbles almost constantly now!  She has also started opening her mouth wide and figuring out how to "talk" instead of just coo.  She just started that this week and it is just adorable.  What's really cute is that her little "voice" sounds totally different than Anna's did. 

Sweet little moments lately.