Well folks, after 2 years of merely talking about a garden-we're going for it. We live in the country and have the space.  We really have no excuse not to! I spend a huge chunk of our grocery budget on my motivation is taste and saving $$. 
I still remember a few years back, having a locally grown tomato at Farmer's Market and being intrigued by it. I mean, it tasted so good I could have easily snacked on it instead of something unhealthy. THAT'S intriguing to me! :) 
This is the garden at the very beginning stages. We are using railroad ties to border the garden.  Our "mud" is really old manure and dirt.  
Are you grossed out that my child was covered from head to toe in this "mud"?
She loved it! It was even under her fingernails. :)
I told you we were country....
and it didn't smell like manure!
Some more frequent items on my grocery list are herbs. We've started some plants growing inside and will transport them soon.  

{Got any gardening tips?! Good/bad experiences? Please share!}