Color Run: Join me?

If you know me well at all you're probably laughing at the title of this post.  On the one hand, the word "color" could easily fit into the same sentence as my name or house....but get to the word "run" and it just becomes funny.  I don't run. I'm not a runner. I don't particularly enjoy it while I'm doing it. 
Let me explain:
In September I'm turning 30.  I feel the same way about turning 30 as I do running. I don't like it. I don't want to turn 30! I'm being ridiculous and I know it....but my all-time favorite moments of life thus far have happened in my 20's.  College (blessed college-ATU love forever), best friends, teaching, living alone, dating/marriage, babies, Italy, blogging, etc. 
{I could go on and on} 

So, in an effort to top the previous decade I've decided to ring in my 30th year with a "30 before 31" list....30 things to mix it up, give my eyes a new view, my mind a new challenge.  A new kind of decade if you will.  The Color Run is a race where you wear all white and they throw colored powder on you while you run.  Sounds fun to me! You can read about it here:

It's coming to Little Rock November 2nd and all I want to know is-
Will you join me? 
Shoot me an e-mail ( if so! Let's do it! :)