Try again, try again. Repeat.

One of my favorite shows is The Biggest Loser.  One week recently Jillian was talking about life and failing.  She was driving home the point how things don't have to be perfect to be good.  That we try, try, try (sometimes fail), and repeat.  And after a series of repeats sometimes little miracle moments come along where our trying really paid off. 
That's how I view pictures like these.  If I've looked like it's been easy to raise two girlies under two then I've done a great job showing the best bits.  It is tough work folks. I mostly keep that to myself because I can just hear certain people saying "But you're the one that got pregnant again. " Yes, we did and thank goodness for our bright-eyed Betsy Grace! I can't imagine our home without her. :) 

{These pictures show our "miracle moments". The ones where I get happy tears in my eyes because I catch the love between my girls. Where both girls are happy, clean (well sorta, lol), well-fed and playing together.  It's after I've done chore after chore, discipline, prayer, try, try, try....
and then it's all worth it in a single second. 
Anna Ruth decided to not only wash her baby doll one day, but go after the floor too. That's our girl! :) She loves a good cleaning session.  

And then there are little miracle moments like these at the end of most days-where I can step out on the back deck and let the quiet, rich sunset seep into my bones.  


  1. Yay, for victories even when they come few & far between!


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