food, books, coffee=love.

 Do you go on dates with your significant other? 
We do.  Even if it's just a coffee run.  We are blessed to have Brett's mom willingly watch Anna Ruth so for now we take Betsy along on our adventures. 
This day we went for coffee and to the library. 
 I recently got Anna Ruth a Fancy Nancy book, mostly because I wanted it.  :)  She's quite the character (Nancy that is....and Anna too).  She wears all kinds of fancy clothes and uses big fancy words.  My kind of girl.  I was secretly also hoping to get Anna Ruth into another series, besides just Curious George.  No disrespect to good 'ol George....but there's just so much George at our house!  Anna Ruth evidently adores "Ancy Nancy" because this day she wanted to wear a necklace to look like her.  I happily obliged. 
 This is where we went for coffee...sort of.  It's called The Little Bread Company and is FABULOUS.  I ran inside first, then Brett.  Then we sat outside in the car so I could feed Betsy.  We admired the rock stairs, talked landscaping, and dreams.  And, how little moments now prep us for big dreams later.  A good conversation with my sweet husband.
This was some hummus we picked up from a different place on the way home.
Food, coffee, and books. Our date priorities are always in place.
Me to Brett -"I'm not wearing my typical around the house jeans and t-shirt.  I have makeup on! Get a picture!"  You must capture the stylish moments while they last.


  1. What a fun date/outing! You guys are so creative and smart to just enjoy the moments that you have as they come, even while feeding and sitting in a car. :)

  2. What a sweet date :) that sounds perfect! And your outfit is adorable!!

    1. Thank-you Carrie Beth! I attempt to look stylish a couple of times a week... :)


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