Anna Imagines

Just for kicks-here's a picture of our growing girl!  Betsy Grace is four months old now and is looking much like herself.  Meaning-she's taken on a personality of her own and doesn't look so baby-ish anymore.  
Anna Ruth is really into imagining lately.  Be still my heart. :) I used to teach fourth-grade and was often struck with wonder at the kiddos who didn't know how to imagine.  Not that they were too old for it, they simply didn't know how. I think we are born with great imaginations, but if not taught how to use them they fade. It's like being born with muscles-they must be developed and grow or else they become quite useless. 

There, that's my imagination soapbox. Teach your children how to imagine! Imagine with them! It makes my mama heart so, so glad when Anna imagines.  She often likes to go in her kitchen and cook something "delicious".  Often I get handed a delicious drink in these little cups to try.
In this moment she was desperate to get inside "Etsy's" bed so she could pretend to be a little baby. 
A constant around here is Curious George-in book or show either one.  Lately he even pops up in our conversations. One day Anna Ruth was watching the episode where George is chosen to conduct an orchestra.  I suggested she use something as her own baton to help him conduct.  The idea stuck.  So now one of her favorite things to do is conduct the music like George and wave her spoon around. Music playing or not. Rock on Sister.
Brett built Anna  Ruth a special fort one day that's stayed up for days...
These cookie cutters are also a favorite around here, thanks to my best friend Mikayla!  She got these for Anna Ruth and she just loves them.  It's a box full of 100 different shapes and letters.  Anna loves to get them all out and talk about what each shape is. She also likes to count them.  She can fill in the blanks when I count aloud to 10! 
Rocks and a bag....or "ack-pack", what else could a little girl want? Becca sewed this pretty bag for Anna Ruth and she enjoys putting things in it and pretending it's her backpack!

Anna Ruth has a little backpack we got for free at the Salvation Army store she wears to church now. It makes her look so old! She is going to start a Mom's Day Out program in the fall one morning a week, complete with stories, art, and lunch at school.  Can you IMAGINE how my mama heart will handle that? And how much Anna Ruth will love it?!


  1. I am with you on imaginations!!! Curious George is our favorite too! He's all my kids get to watch... my son made a wind symphony... is it Sad that I am excited about the Curious George special on April 22nd?

    1. I admit-I have grown to love Curious George :). What is the special on April 22nd? We watch on Netflix because we don't get PBS kids anymore, booo.


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