Smash Journal

Do you journal? 
Or more specifically-have you heard of Smash journals?  I've always had an interest in scrapbooking, or the supplies at least. :) I don't have the patience to sit and make pages for hours, but love the thought of documenting life, beyond a computer screen. Enter: art journaling. 
 I noticed I kept tearing out pages from magazines and saving pins on Pinterest that had a semi-cluttered, mixed media feel.  Then I discovered Smash journals.  The purpose is to put anything, anywhere in the journal as you like! You can just journal as you go, creating a collage of sorts on each page.  I bought the pink Smash journal which has decorated background pages already in it.  That way I can easily layer my own things on top.
 I am loving this way of recording things near and dear to my heart. Just a jot here or there.  
Of course, for deeper thoughts and prayers I also keep a good 'ol composition book.  These are my favorite for some reason.  I like to use Washi Tape to make tabs in the notebook.

{How do you journal?}

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