Handwritten Mail.

Last week I enjoyed making a card for a friend to send in the snail mail.
It was fun to make and I can't wait for her to receive it. 
Checking the mail is a big deal around here.
Our most recent excitement in the mail were Valentine's-made by cousins and my Grandma and Papaw. So special and fun.

Do you love the mail as much as I do?  


  1. Sara, that card is beautiful! Yes, I'm a huge fan of sending and receiving mail. When I first moved away to attend college, my little brother (who was 11) and I wrote letters back and forth. It was so fun.

  2. You are a sweet big sister. I bet letters from an 11-year old were comical at times :)

  3. Oh you have no idea...lol. The letters mostly consisted of superhero stickers and the words "I miss you."


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