One day I had an e-mail from a friend asking if having two babies was as much work as it seemed. My answer-no, it's more.  It's triple the work!  But you know what, it's a millions times more the joy than I expected too.  Betsy Grace is starting to seem more like a little individual.  She is so opposite of Anna Ruth....Anna liked moving fast from day one.  She wanted to be on the move all the time!  Not Betsy-she's a lot more slow and steady.  She loves to cuddle her mama.  :) 

Lately Anna Ruth loves to carry one of her many teddy bears around the house.  I can hear her little squeal as I look at this picture!  She runs so fast around our house!  She also likes to walk around with her cup, or a piece of bread (or saltine).  
Bright-eyed Betsy Grace is enjoying this toy she got for Christmas.  She almost goes cross-eyed trying to concentrate on getting ahold of it!  She also likes the squeaky/crinkly sound it makes.

We have some starter seeds growing in a neat container on our dining room. Makes me so anxious for spring.  I don't enjoy the grey, cold weather.  
Anna Ruth is a pretty great eater, but on the small side.  Something I can always count on her eating are waffles-plain.  I will ask if she wants peanut butter or syrup (my favorite choice) and she'll say no.  Silly girl. 

Our joyful moments are growing.  Our sweet girls are growing.  
The abundance of life is growing :).


  1. I just love hearing about all of your little joyful moments that accompany the crazy busyness of motherhood. It gets me all excited for what's to come when Little arrives!

    1. I can't wait to meet Little :). I hope I get to hold her.

  2. So much fun to watch them grow!! Your girls are darling!

    1. Thank-you! It IS fun to watch them grow :). I remember not wanting my oldest daughter to grow up but now I realize each new stage brings new fun :) (and new challenges too, lol. ) Love your blog. It inspires me.


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