One weekend Brett was working on an herb garden outside.  After the girls and I had been out for quite a while we came back in for a snack. I moved Anna's chair where she could see her Daddy work. She kept saying "HI" and waving at him.  She was delighted to have a front row seat!
I read books all. day. long! I couldn't even count how many.  Sometimes when Betsy's napping Anna will scoot back and sit in my lap. :)
Betsy's ready for a farm adventure!

 We've been loving this not-so-winter weather we've been having!  Anna Ruth likes to look at rocks with me, and we both enjoy watching the birds at the bird feeder she and Brett hung up.  
She is quite dramatic with her faces/voices when picking something heavy up. :) 
Betsy Grace is growing and growing!  She's starting to coo and babble some. It is precious.  I keep eating a steady diet of almonds and avocados daily and she keeps adding rolls. I seriously don't know if that's why she's such a healthy girl or not but I am so thankful for her little rolls! This means no worries for her mama if she's getting enough or not. Whew, what a nice relief! 


  1. How fun; with coos and babbles emerging, you're on your way to having not only 1 but two little ones chattering away. I love it!


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