Anna holds Betsy

Anna Ruth has always had an interest in Betsy Grace, right from the start.  So, for the naysayers who said she would be jealous, I am happy to tell you-you were wrong. :) 
(unless it comes to her Granna or Nana, but that's a different story for a different day, lol)

Anna Ruth runs up to Betsy Grace and says "hi, hi, hi" and leans in until their noses almost touch.  She "hugs" her when Betsy's in her chair.  Betsy follows Anna with her eyes and smiles and coos at her. My mama heart melts.  One day recently we had a BIG moment in our house.

Anna Ruth held Betsy Grace all by herself.  She was gentle and loving.  She looked so proud.  I had a good teary moment.  How proud I am of these two girls! How marvelous to be their mama! What fun they will have together.  :) 
Anna holds Betsy and these girlies hold my heart. 


  1. How precious! My oldest is sloooowly adjusting to a baby in our house. He was one of the jealous ones, poor little thing :( but I pray constantly they'll be best friends as they get older!


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