Lamp Makeover: Thrift Store Version!

Remember this lamp I got at the thrift store? 
I gave it a pretty makeover!
I've mentioned it before, but washi tape is one of my most favorite items to keep in my craft room.  You can type it in the Etsy search engine and find plenty of suppliers.  Target even has some that's similar, but it's not called washi tape.  It is Target's "UP" brand and can be find by the paper clips/office goods. 

Anyway, I decided to use washi tape on the lamp shade. 
And the after! 
I hot-glued the ends of the tape strips down onto the lamp shade and cleaned the bottom of the lamp off.  I also took my scissors and scraped the white gunky stripes around the bottom of the lamp off. Overall, an easy quick fix.  
The lamp now sits happily on top of the piano, along with some of my other favorite things. We have so many lamps in our house we don't normally even use overhead lighting! 
{Do you like lamps?}


  1. Love it! I like the greenish bottom of that lamp! So vintage and pretty! And the tiny boots on the that's just too cute! My house needs some "warmth." I love lamps also but don't have very many. :( I need to find some lovelies to make it more quaint around here! Great inspiration!

  2. so adorable! i love going to potter's house :) perhaps i'll see you there sometime? :) also, it makes me so happy to see my little postcard there :)

  3. Ah, washi tape! I've been monitoring your washi tape adventures and am contemplating embarking on one of my own. I've got these brightly colored storage bins that go slide into a bookshelf in Little's nursery. Perhaps I'll label them with washi tape instead of boring white labels!

    Do you know if it adheres to fabric?

    1. No :( I've tried sticking it to fabric and it comes off. I've glued it on though, or you could use staples or use tags decorated with the washi tape :)


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