"We interrupt this program....."

I'm interrupting the post I had scheduled today to get real honest.  
This funny picture above looks like how things have felt around here lately! 
Not all the time, but a lot of the time.

I was talking with Brett yesterday and said that I hoped no one was ever tempted to compare their life to what I post on the blog.  You see the happy, the clean, the fun/educational moments.  The decorated and DIY.  And, a lot of the time that really is what's going on around here!   But sometimes, things seem to look like the picture above.  I send the girls to church in dirty undershirts (but no one knows because the clothes on top are clean!), our house is left messy as we rush out the door, I'm up 6 times in one night, I drink too much coffee, we stress when we shouldn't, the only prayers prayed are desperate begs for help, etc.
You get the point.  Basically-please don't think that we have it all together at the Torbett house.  We don't.  Somedays we are barely holding it together at all, to be honest!  It is oh, so sweet having two babies under two......but it's also really hard.  Exhaustion runs deep a lot of days.
So does joy though.  And an extreme love from God.  

I'm learning to look for the rosy right where I am.  When things are hard-to do what it takes to give my soul a break, to laugh, to make sure I'm giving God room to remind me of the rosy. To sit and talk with Anna and laugh at her funny little characteristics.  To work hard to get Betsy to grin.  In dirty, spit-up clothes and all, we're making it!  I hope you see the reality to the rosy and are in some way, encouraged.