First Finger-painting

Anna Ruth got some finger-paints for Christmas this year.  If you've been reading for a while, you know that I love just about everything craft/art-related.  :) I've never met a paint I didn't like!
With that said, Anna Ruth has a lot of her Daddy's personality and so doesn't like a mess.  (or a "happy mess" as I like to call that which has a purpose)

One day after her nap I got out the finger-painting kit and thought we could spend some fun time together.  I was VERY curious to see how it would go, figuring Anna wouldn't like the feel of the paint on her hands.  Turns out-I was right at first.

This is the reaction I was getting in the beginning.  She just kept rubbing her painted fingers together over and over. 
To help her experience the paint a bit more I suggested we dip our finger in and make "dots" (one of her favorite words).  As soon as she dipped her tiny pointer finger in and began making polka dots on the page she was one happy gal! She jumped right in and joyously painted her page.  

I "may" have gotten a bit carried away with the left-over paint on the top two pages. 

I don't ever want to push the girls to like what I like.  Meaning, if I had prompted Anna a few times with the paint and she just didn't like it, that would have been ok.  I will need this reminder as the girls get older and their interests bloom along with their personalities.  My parents did such a good job (and still do!) praising each of my sisters' and mine individual personalities and passions. 
Thankful :) for that.