Handmade Hankie Photo Album

My most favorite part of blogging are the pictures.  They say a picture's worth a thousand words.  I would have to agree.  I can see a certain photo and have all different emotions evoked, all at once.   Although pictures on the computer are nice, there's just something about holding an actual photo or album in your hands that is just so satisfactory.  Kind of like comparing a real book to a Kindle.  The actual page-turning will win me over every time.

For Christmas I decided to make my mom-in-law a photo album of sorts, using (my favorite) old book pages, photos of the girls, and a vintage hankie.  To make the book I first glued all the photos onto old book pages.  I then folded the top and bottom of the hankie over and sewed a single line down the edge, to hem the book to fit the size of the photos.  Last, I placed all of the old book pages inside the hankie cover and sewed a straight line down the edge, to create a sort of binding.
I love the special memories this handmade album holds!