First snow

In December, (December 28th to be exact!) we had the first snow of the season.  Most everyone else in the state had snow on Christmas.  We decided to be the late bloomer evidently. 
Truth be told, I've never been a huge fan of the snow.  It always sounds so romantic in songs, and I suppose getting to stay home from school or work is pretty dreamy.  Usually it just means too much cold and inside time in my opinion. 
This year was different.
We were home on a Friday afternoon, attempting the afternoon nap.  I heard the first cries of Big Sister waking up and was just so, so tired at the thought of getting her up.  But then, I peaked out the window and saw those beautiful, quiet, big flakes falling.  It reminded me of Gilmore Girls and Lorelai's fascination with snow. :) I ran in to get Anna and excitedly exclaimed it was snowing!  My excitement caught on fast.  Soon, Anna Ruth was running to look out the window.

We let Betsy Grace sleep away, and enjoyed the first snow. We went outside in it a time or two and Anna Ruth puzzled at how the snowflakes on her fingers turned to liquid.  We pressed our noses against the window and watched the snow fall peacefully to the ground.  We even read a book appropriately titled "The First Snow".
All in all, pretty dreamy this year. :)