Give the gift of: Experience

 This year for Christmas I wanted to give my mom-in-law something special, that wasn't necessarily "stuff".  I know that most of the time my favorite things in life actually aren't things at all! They're a special dinner, a certain song or memory, a funny moment. 
So, I came up with the idea to make a booklet with 12 experiences for the upcoming year, that can be enjoyed with the girls and I, or our entire family.  
Some of the experiences are local, such as visiting Terra Studios; others are things like having a tea party or candle lit dinner on our back deck.
To make the booklet I typed the experiences in Microsoft Word and printed them out. I then cut each phrase apart and taped onto some old book pages, also cut to size. I used Washi Tape (you can google this), which is a Japanese form of tape that is all the rage now!  It is so cute for so many different things.  Last, I punched holes through the booklet and tied together with pretty twine.
Who could you bless with a special memory book? 
What experiences would you give? I'd love to hear :)