Anna and I

I so treasure time with each of my girls.  Time with Betsy is pretty easy to find, considering I'm nursing her.  I'm really trying to make an effort to get one-on-one time with Anna Ruth in the rare moments Betsy is asleep during the day, happily on her own.  

One day Anna Ruth and I did a Christmas craft I'd saved on Pinterest. 
Ok-so we didn't really "do" a craft.  The whole idea was supposed to be that the upside down ice cream cones would look like Christmas trees once the green icing was spread on.  Then, I had M & M's, Cheerios, and sprinkles to decorate the "tree" with. Surely you can see where this is going.  :)

I spread the icing on the cone for Anna Ruth but she totally didn't get the concept of the craft.  Maybe when she's a bit older.  She did LOVE the treats that were supposed to be the ornaments though.  All in all-a fun, messy time. One-on-one time-mission accomplished. 
It is so good to be queen.........
I sure do love Anna Ruth.  She has spirit and spunk!  She loves the farm, tractor, and cows. 
Anna Ruth adores spinning around, taking care of her babies, and playing with her play kitchen.

She can say "cookie, eat, thank-you, Dada, uh-oh, no, cow, cat, quack, thank-you, chocolate, read" just to name a few.

Her most favorite word? Like ever?
Yeah, Yeah. And lately "no".