Cousin Christmas

As I mentioned in the Favorite Things Party post, we had a first ever Cousin Christmas at our house this year!  What a fun, lively time was had by all!  
As is tradition, we got our Cousin Pic as soon as everyone arrived.  Anna Ruth cracks me up in this picture-staring so curious. 
I love this picture.  The cousins are all such good friends and just about everyone wanted to hold Betsy Grace.....someone got a turn for the picture,
but this is who really wanted to hold her all along.  
Such caring, gentle hands for little Betsy Grace! 
Betsy Grace is three weeks old in this picture.  I had taken her to the doctor this week for her check-up. The doctor said a 1 pound weight gain over the last two weeks would have been sufficient and good.  Instead my Betsy Grace had gained 3 ounces shy of 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  
My girls have healthy appetites-praise God!