Favorite Things Party

As we are adding more children to our extended family it just gets more and more fun to buy presents for the cousins (children) instead of the adults.  
This year we had a big Cousin Christmas and present exchange at our house that I'll post soon!
However this year my sister also had the great idea to do a Sister's Favorite Things party at the same time.
The idea is simple: Each sister spent around $10 on the other two siblings, buying some "favorite things".  Then, we exchanged our gifts at the Cousin Christmas.
Among the items I gifted was Washi Tape, which is a new favorite of mine.
You can use it for so many different things, like this or this.
I also gave Ulta brand tinted lip balm. It goes on like a chapstick but has just the right amount of color. Perfect for a busy mama! 
What would have been in your favorite things bag?


  1. Where do you purchase Washi tape? It looks like such an easy way to decorate a gift or something!

    1. There are so many places via the web to purchase it. I've purchased mine from an etsy shop called Pretty Tape, which you can find here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrettyTape

      The particular tape you see in the picture is from the office section at Target, and is by their own brand, UP. It comes with 4 different rolls of tape and costs less than $5! You can find it by the paperclips, thumb-tacks, etc. (I tried to find it on the Target webpage but didn't have any luck)

      :) Happy taping!


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