(not so) Picture Perfect

We had a Sunday this Christmas season where everyone in the family was clean and all dressed nicely. You KNOW that is a moment to capture, and a thing of beauty if you have little ones! :)
My sweet mom-in-law obliged at my request to snap a few pictures of us. 
After we got the nicely posed photograph above I decided I wanted a moment with both my girls. 
Betsy started turning her lip down and crying, Anna was sucking on her fingers and started angrily pointing at something. 
And my reaction? I just started laughing hysterically-saying "This is my life now! This is it-capture it!" 
And so-this picture was born :)
We are so thankful for a super dad like Brett who is holding his own in this family of girls. 
Anna Ruth is her Daddy's girl. 
I used to not like posed, "picture perfect" photos.  Now, I do. Amidst the chaos it is so nice to be surrounded by pictures in our home that remind me of the lovely times of being a mama and family of four.  And really-the lovely bits outweigh the not so picture perfect moments any day.  
So, picture perfect moments or not, when was the last time you captured your family?