DIY framed word art

 I always feel like I'm horrible at titling a DIY post-maybe it's because the projects I post are a combination of my imagination, inspiration found elsewhere, and the random supplies I have on hand at home.  Such is the case with this piece.  :) So-let's call this "Framed Word Art" how 'bout. The quote is slightly hard to read in this picture but it says "Dream big dreams". I love that. It is such a personal quote-your big dream might be to finish college, start a family, or simply catch up on the laundry.  Whatever it is-dream big while you're at it!
I wish I had taken a "before" picture of the red frame, but my preggo brain forgot.  I actually made this framed piece the afternoon before I went into labor. :) It brings me happy thoughts! To make the piece I first searched through the random magazines I have stashed in my craft room and found letters to spell "Dream Big Dreams".  I then cut out the letters and tried to use a variety of sizes and colors.  Next I glued the letters onto old book page pendants I cut by hand.  The last step was to sew the book page pendants onto various scraps of fabric.  I simply sewed around the outline of the triangle pendants so it was fairly quick and easy. 

To complete the project I hot glued some jute to the back of the frame and used mini clothespins to attach the pendants to it.  This art piece is in my kitchen and at first it was hard to see the pendants because they blended into the tile back-splash.  So to fix that problem I cut pieces of colorful fabric and attached them to the back of the frame with double-sided tape.  That way I can reuse the fabric later and can hang the art piece on the wall without it if I choose. 
I hope you'll be inspired to make your own framed word art!
What quote speaks loudest to you now?