We have been so blessed to have special company while we've been home with Betsy Grace!  It is so refreshing to have new faces to look at and people to visit with.  And that is nothing against either of my precious daughters either!  Something Brett and I have talked about often is that we want our home to be a welcoming place, where it's very normal to have friends and family over often. 
 Grandma and Papaw stopped by for a visit and even brought delicious soup and bread!  They sure spoiled us with their treats and attention.  Anna Ruth was quite partial to Papaw and he was quite obliging by holding her a lot and pushing her in the swing.  Grandma got to love on Betsy Grace too.  I sure appreciate the fact that I am blessed to have a family that loves our girls!
 Betsy Grace at 9 days old!
 We also got to have Jana and the kids come over!  She was so kind to drive with all three kiddos to be with me on Brett's first day back at work.  A little emotional support goes a long way!  :)  I was especially thankful for this because it gave Anna Ruth some playmates for the day, to distract from the fact that Dada wasn't around.
 When Betsy lays in the pack and play Anna Ruth loves to peek over the side at her.  I guess she thought she'd see who this other baby was in there this time.  I love the wide-eyed panicked look on Silas's face!  A look of "Don't get me please!" 
 This baby boy is such a joy!  His smile melts my heart.
 Our thrifted nativity set got even more use from Lainey!  I love to listen to her talk-you just never know what little expression she'll come up with.  Such a fiercely independent, sweet, fun little girl. She and Anna Ruth will someday come close to conquering the world-I just know it.
 Caleb goes out of his way to be sweet to Anna Ruth!  He is so patient with her and tries to help her with different activities.  I am thankful he pays such big attention to her without babying her!

And how about we end on this picture-just for kicks and giggles. :)  I looked at this picture and just laughed out loud!  I kept thinking of funny captions that could go with it......
it could easily sum up our life right now.  Mom and Betsy both tired and half asleep, with mom still maintaining a bit of control and showing whose in charge....and Anna Ruth totally doing her own thing too!....
This picture might be more telling than we know!