It's a GIRLS world!

 It's a full-on girls world at the Torbett house!  These two girls keep me busy, busy!  Hands that are busy hugging, holding, diapering, and feeding.  Feet busy trying to keep up with Anna. Arms busy protecting Betsy Grace from big sister's BIG love (a.k.a. loving with hands that aren't so gentle-big sister doesn't know her own strength!).  Ears busy listening for cries and Anna's sweet voice.  A heart and mind busy with prayer, scripture, more prayer, and lots of love. 
A good, bustling busy-just how I like it ! (Most of the time that is, if I'm being honest)
 And just so you don't get carried away in the lofty, rosy paragraph above-let me bring you back down to reality. LOL.  One day I needed to call the social security administration and Betsy was also needing to be held. My point-my hands were literally full! Anna Ruth has recently learned to climb into her own chair at the table, while using a diaper box as a step-stool.  She thought this would be a prime opportunity to climb from the box to the chair, and then onto the table.  And then knocked over the entire vase of water you see....
I disciplined her and she got very, very serious.  Big sister is definitely learning right from wrong, and how to choose a good attitude.  She keeps me on my toes!
 I am a nursing mama and breakfasts like this are absolutely necessary! Betsy Grace uses up my calories so quickly.  Cocoa covered almonds are my current favorite snack :) because I can stash them in the bathroom for all the fun hangout time Betsy and I have at night! Great Value even make the almonds so they are a bit cheaper than the name brand. You should give them a try!
 Something I'm trying to do consistently is make sure to spend one-on-one time with Anna Ruth when Betsy is asleep and ignore the call to do laundry, or clean up the house.  Of course sometimes that's just necessary.  But not every time....  My sweet first-born.  She holds a special place in my heart, as does Betsy. 
 This is how I am able to blog :)  When big sister naps of course.

We love watching Anna Ruth's personality unfold.  Girl has some serious personality and quirks!  She is so much like her Daddy at times.  For example-this week at church she evidently found a tiny scrap of paper on the floor, picked it up, and had to carry it to the trash can.  At home-she constantly wipes up the floor with any little towel or rag she can find.  Oh. my. WORD. It's like a little mini version of Brett. :) 
I'm pulling for Betsy to be a creative, free spirit like her mama, who loves a good happy mess.  As Curious George says "George didn't see a big mess but a lot of little messes."  
In all honesty-Anna Ruth has some of her mama's personality, some of dad's, and mostly a whole lot of Anna.  We can't wait to see what Betsy Grace will be like!  Time will tell.