When the going gets tough...

Last week we had a day (or two) where the going just got tough.  A combination of things really.....Anna and I both coming off a horrible stomach bug, Little One being out of her routine, 2-year old behavior happening early, little patience and energy from me. Just things. None of which would have been too bad (ok-besides the sickness) on their own, but add them all together and things were just tough. 
So-why even both to revisit all those unpleasant thoughts in one paragraph?
Sugar-coating is not my thing. Neither is pessimism or negativity.  But-let's be honest.  Sometimes a dose of reality can help another breathe a sigh of relief.  Hearing "that's normal", as I shared some of Anna's behavior with my twin sis let a deep, deep sigh of relief out of my heart.
In the midst of the toughness, I asked God for help. Really-how do people do it without Him? I can't.  I asked God to bring a spirit of obedience and joy into our home.  I asked for my attitude to be changed, for the eyes of my heart to see light, peace, and patience. 
Internally and externally-He did just that.
God changed my attitude (which has such an effect on Anna's), brought a sweet spirit and calm to my heart and my girl's, and showed me the presence of happy cheer evident in our home. From the way the sunlight was shining in our home, to happy fabrics and prints, I saw a positive place of joy...
Anna and I quickly found our laugh and shared smile. Peace was restored..giggles shared.

The going may have been tough (and let's be honest-will be again), but I am so thankful for a God who hears my prayer for help and answers in a way that I get.....He speaks to me in the beauty that surrounds our everyday life.  He knows that a colorful fabric or the sunlight in the early morning does my heart good. I love that. 
How does God speak uniquely to you?