{DIY}Fabric and Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Trees!

 As part of my Christmas mantle this year, I knew I wanted to include some colorful Christmas trees.  (You can see the full mantle here:)  I had the typical styrofoam Christmas trees left-over from last year that you can buy at just about any craft supply store.  Seeing as I usually change my mind from year to year on decor and like to re-use things I really wanted to decorate the trees in a way that could be changed next year if possible.  Yet-I wanted to love them this year too!
 This is what I came up with and I definitely love them! In general with the projects I do around the house I  usually decide if I'm going to dedicate a lot or a little amount of time to something.  These trees were something I didn't want to devote a lot of time too, but wanted a big impact.  I simply gathered some fabrics that looked happy together and cut each into strips.  I then wrapped the strips around the styrofoam trees and pinned them in place, using regular straight pins.  So quick, so easy! The best part was no messing with the hot glue gun and I can easily remove the fabric when the holiday season is over!
For the yarn-wrapped trees I glued my starting piece of yarn down on the very bottom of the tree and then started wrapping the yarn around and around.  When I switched colors, I simply glued the new piece of string down where I'd left off and continued wrapping.  The pom-poms on the top can be made with yarn too.  You can google or search on pinterest for "yarn pom-poms" and find many, many tutorials!
 The paper stars on top were cut from an old Baptist hymnal and then glued to skewers, found in the cooking aisle at Wal-Mart.  Skewers are a regular staple in my craft supplies.  You just never know when they'll come in handy!
 To complete the trees, I simply poked the skewer down into the top of the styrofoam tree so that the star showed at the top.  Since my trees were going to be up high I didn't worry about covering the rest of the styrofoam up.  If you were going to place your trees down low where the top would be exposed, you could always glue a cute paper circle down on top of the styrofoam first, and then gently poke the skewer through.
To add some varied heights to my trees I stacked some old books and tied them together with fabric scraps.  I then placed the trees on top! 
So there you have it-with a few bits and pieces and a little creativity-colorful trees!
What are you creating this Christmas season?