Thanksgiving: Party times two

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I found myself with the task of explaining what this holiday is all about to Anna Ruth this year.  She seems to grasp that the word "party" entails food, fun, and I told her Thanksgiving was like a big party, where we told Jesus thank-you for lots of things!  This put a sparkle in her eye and a cheer in her voice-so I'm sticking with that explanation for now.
We had our Thanksgiving "parties" in two parts.  On Thanksgiving Eve Brett and I had our traditional dinner date.  I wanted the table to look special and we had decided to take the party outside on the back deck this year.  This is a look at the table "before" (on loan from my mom-in-law).  I gathered a drop-cloth I had lying around, some thrifted odds and ends, candlesticks from Italy, weeds from the holler, a piece of old fence, and soon had an arrangement that was pleasing to my eyes.
We ate a relaxing dinner after Anna Ruth went to bed and each made separate lists of our blessings.  It was eye-opening and sweet to see how each of us wrote down similar things at times-in our own unique style.  And not just the typical "family and friends" things either (although those certainly made the list!) 
The very, very top of my list? That God's love never runs out on me. That puts everything else into perspective.
We also enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Nana's house (Brett's mom).  Anna Ruth had a new plate and silverware to use and looked so grown-up getting her bites.  Such a sweet, fiercely independent, funny girl. She has my heart.
Betsy and I are still enjoying hanging out.....she's yet to make her arrival! Everyone is waiting. No one knows when! I am probably more ready than any of them....only time will tell. I am 39 weeks pregnant today.
My appetite has returned 10 fold. :) I am feeling physically and mentally ready to meet our newest girl....Oh, I just can't wait! 
How was your Thanksgiving, and what was your favorite part?