Thankful: Sara Version #1

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 With Thanksgiving approaching I am certainly thankful for things like my sweet husband and daughter(s), a happy house, plenty of__________________ (food, clothes, etc.), a loving family......
But for today-here's a little "out of the box" thinking on what I'm thankful for.
Being a mama is hard, hard work. Being a stay-at-home mama means you are all things at once all day long-teacher, disciplinarian, spiritual leader, caregiver, nurse, cook, playmate, confidant, friend, etc, etc.
So-as I've said on the blog before, my relaxing place is in the creative-the crafty, dreamy, diy goodness that fills my thoughts.  The place where I can recharge, and be ready to be all things (with God's help!) for my daughter (and any day now-daughters!)
Something I'm thankful for is the happy collection of images saved via Pinterest that are true to my style. Pinterest can get waaay out of hand in my opinion, but for me, it's a place to store sparks of inspiration and creativity. Here is where I can quickly turn a bright light in my mind on...
Thankful for this. 
Enjoy a few of my favorites below!
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Enjoy! I hope you're inspired. 


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