Post-Stomach Bug

Well friends, over the weekend I caught Anna Ruth's stomach bug. 
I'll spare you the details. However, I am on the mend, and looking forward to Betsy Grace's arrival more than ever.  I am almost 39 weeks pregnant, so hopefully one of my posts soon will be of a sweet baby girl. 
I am so thankful for several things this week-beautiful flowers Brett surprised me with for me to look at while I rested in bed, help from Janice, a.k.a. "Nana" (several times), constant help from Brett, sweet messages from my playgroup friends, sisters, and parents, and this yummy bread seen above.
Sunday Anna Ruth woke up at 5:15 a.m....after a few hours of being awake I suggested we go for a drive to make her go to sleep. I was needing to eat something and remembered someone posting about The Little Bread Company on facebook. We swung by on a whim and got the MOST delicious baked goods there.  My favorite was the blueberry orange muffin. It's not pictured because we ate all of it.  
You should go check it out!
We are doing well here and on the mend.
I am a bit tired mentally and needing to get rested before Betsy arrives, so if my blogging lags this week that's why! Looking forward to posting new things soon! :)


  1. Blueberry orange muffin....YES! I need some o'that.

    ps - At first glance, I thought the bread was bacon... Either way, good food is great food. :)


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