Chalkboard Scripture and On-the-mend Anna

 We have this huge chalkboard hanging in our kitchen.  It is one of the very (very) few things that is in the exact same spot as when Anna Ruth was born. I'll have to do a post on the "evolved" style of our home over the last year and a half.  Let's just say that when I painted this chalkboard I thought it was the brightest yellow I'd EVER seen, and didn't know if it was "too much" for the wall. 
If you've been to my house-you'll know how funny that is.  We now have color everywhere. As in, I sometimes have to stop myself from painting everything that's remotely neutral. 

All that to say-I love this chalkboard.  It's actually an old, non-attractive (in my opinion!) painting that I turned into a chalkboard.  You can find the "before" and "during" pictures of the process of painting over the art with chalkboard paint on my old blog, here. (The art was thrifted by the way!)
This week I cleaned off the chalkboard and decided to take a minute to write a scripture on it.  One that was currently speaking loud and clear to me, specifically on labor/delivery, 2 girls instead of 1, and some dreams I have for the future. The scripture also came in handy this week as Anna Ruth has been pretty sick with a stomach bug.  She is on the mend, and as I was up with her in the wee hours of the night this scripture was loud and clear-that I was to pray for her, not fear for her health, or wonder how I would have the energy to take care of her the next day. 
God heals and he has provided such a great, wonderful strength to this 9-month pregnant mama this week. I've been able to get some naps and stay mentally encouraged! 
Thankful for power, love, and a sound mind. :)