Christmas Tradition weekend

 This weekend we got to spend some great time together as a family.  We love having fun as our little family of three! We finally broke down and purchased an artificial tree and Anna Ruth was VERY excited to see what was in the big box!
 As you can see, she wasn't far from her Dada's sight the entire weekend.  She is his little shadow.
 Thanks to my mom we have the most perfect, silver glittery star to go on the top of the tree!  This tree is 9 ft. tall so Brett could hardly even reach it. 
 You all know I love a good thrift store and this picture shows why! Last year Jana and I saw the Little People nativity set at Samaritan's Shop for $9.  Jana convinced me it was a great buy and that I should get it.  As always-she was right :).  We have it set up on the coffee table and Anna Ruth has just played and played with it for hours already. 
 We also took Anna Ruth to see the pretty lights on the Fayetteville Square this weekend.  She was very bright/wide-eyed!
 My official due date (for what it's worth) is this Thursday.  We look forward to Betsy Grace's arrival with great anticipation and expectation!


  1. I want a little people nativity so bad but they are $30 everywhere! Be glad you found one for so cheap! And I love your tree :) It looks sturdy too, so you don't have to worry about little ones knocking it over! Can't wait to meet Betsy!


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